Family Shares Hope

Recently, John and Donna Kabakijan made a donation in memory of their son John. Read on to discover the story of how his parents found purpose in his life and encouragement while grieving his unexpected death…

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Sonograms Save Lives

A client recently visited the center for a pregnancy test. She was anxious at the prospect of parenting another child. She and husband had taken steps to prevent pregnancy so she felt that abortion was her only option. However, she was conflicted because she knew God valued this baby and would not want her to terminate the pregnancy. This led to a spiritual conversation in which we discussed adoption as a pregnancy option – this would support her conviction not to terminate but also provide her the “out” she desired. We were able to offer her an ultrasound that day.

She chose to view the monitor, saw her baby’s heart beating and accepted printed pictures that read ‘Hi mom’ and ‘Hi dad.’ We moved to the counseling room where she shared that she had changed her mind about her pregnancy decision. She plans to carry and parent her child. “I cannot thank you enough. I needed to talk to someone besides my husband.” She accepted prenatal vitamins and pregnancy information. I shared there are a couple of pregnancy resource centers closer to her home but she stated she desires to return to CPC. She also desires to complete online parenting classes. 

It was amazing because not only did she travel from an hour away, she had canceled an appointment at a pregnancy resource center in her hometown and chose to come to Greenville instead. Also, she scheduled this appointment on a Thursday (we typically do ultrasounds on Wednesdays) AND a client had canceled their ultrasound so we were able to get this client into ultrasound immediately. 

Submitted by Laurie Stewart, Client Services Assistant